Fallout 4 Gameplay Trailers

Fallout 4 Official Announce Trailer: With over 18 million views and counting, this trailer went through countless iterations before surprising the endearingly fanatic fans of the Fallout franchise.

Working closely with Game Director Todd Howard and Lead Art Director Istvan Pely of Bethesda Game Studios, we had daily meetings to fine-tune their vision and collaborate on ideas. Meticulously designing each scene, we called upon animators, artists, designers and programmers in order to accomplish the technical challenges facing this production.

In the process, I learned how to animate cameras in 3d Studio Max, employ the Creation Editor to design and use custom plug-ins, as well as navigate the management of a small team of developers who also needed to finish the game!

Fallout 4 Official Launch Trailer: Knowing that we wanted to put a bow on the game’s highly anticipated launch with another gameplay trailer, I worked with Todd Howard and Istvan Pely and conceptualized a dramatic structure that would not only give more detail to the world’s narrative, but showcase the fine talent of female player voice actor Courtenay Taylor.

Fallout 4 – Automatron Official Trailer: For the first DLC, we wanted a balance between showing the new robot building mechanics, while giving the trailer a narrative thread. The turnaround time was short, so I aimed to make it a minute or less. Going full camp would be too obvious and time consuming, and going for ultra drama wouldn’t work either. The result is something in between that touches on every part of the DLC in an honest way. I asked our audio director, Mark Lampert, to create a new music track using robotic and industrial sounds as percussion, and he hit it out of the park.

Fallout 4 – Far Harbor Official Trailer: In this DLC video, the challenge was to show the scale of this new landmass, along with the intricate story and new factions. The Lead Designer, Will Shen, wanted to convey a sense of mystery and exploration, so Mark Lampert and I worked with Inon Zur to produce an original music track that built upon a feeling of dread. Along with a bunch of choice lines from the main characters, it ain’t a SGO DLC trailer without showing off the new weapons and enemies you can fight. (My favorite shots are at :30 and :45)

Here are a few more of the many videos I created for Fallout 4:



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