Skyrim Pre and Post Launch Videos

My role: To produce several pre and post release videos to accompany The Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim. Worked closely with Creative Director Todd Howard and other Lead Designers at Bethesda Game Studios to meet the artistic standards and marketing driven goals of each project.

The World of Skyrim: I produced this pre-launch video designed to accompany a community podcast, and showcase the elaborate set pieces built in the game.

The Concept Art of Skyrim: This pre-launch video produced accompanied a community podcast featuring the BGS concept artists and their amazing ability to create work that translated into beautiful, beautiful polygons. Behold the amazing work of concept artists Ray Lederer and Adam Adamowitz.

The Animation of Skyrim: This pre-launch video accompanied a community podcast featuring animators and artists that bring the creatures and characters of Skyrim to life. I made sure to include my favorite quote from animator Jay Cha as a stinger.

Skyrim Update 1.5: Post-release video intended to show off some new features patched into the game. I was especially happy to include the narrative of my disgruntled Whiterun nord, who discovered she was Dragonborn, but decided to work as a bouncer for the rest of her life instead of doing any quests.

Hearthfire: This post-release educational trailer described new add-on content, intended to to show the new systems of childcare and house-building implemented for the game. I produced this in two days.

Behind the Wall: I captured countless hours of in-game footage for the behind-the-scenes DVD that accompanied the collectors edition, as well as other external demo videos, exclusive press b-rolls and more.